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March 21, 2010

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Dawkins files for NC House District 44

February 16, 2010

11am, February 10 at the Cumberland County Board of Elections

Today, I announce my candidacy for the North Carolina Legislature, House District 44.  It is time to get North Carolina’s financial house in order in Raleigh.  The out-of-control spending and borrowing has to stop, and an era of fiscal responsibility must begin.

The citizens of Fayetteville and Cumberland County need responsible leadership in Raleigh, and I plan to lead that effort as your public servant.

We MUST make state government more accountable to the people.  A vote is a trust.  It says that you are trusted to watch over the interests of the people; putting them first.  We MUST have Representatives who care more about those they are elected to serve, than just themselves or those they owe a debt.

Service and leadership are strong parts of my background.  They are hallmarks of the Dawkins family.  Whether in business or government, I have the experience and good judgement to serve the citizens of this great city and county.

For years I have been finding ways to serve the people of Fayetteville in various capacities.  Having owned my own business for over fifteen years, I know what it is like to make a payroll, create jobs, and create a sound budget.  There is no reason why State Government cannot apply the same common sense principles to financial responsibility that you and I do every day in our own lives.  As your Representative, I will make the hard choices it takes to eliminate frivolous spending and lead our state to prosperity.

I ask for your support, your prayers, and your vote.  I promise to listen to you, respond to you, and to lead our city and county forward as your Representative of House District 44.

Responsible government is not just what you must hope for, it is your right.